New Arrivals :)

Firstly, I admit I’ve not had much time for posting on here lately – it’s been a busy few months. Finishing my MA Thesis, proofreading academic articles for students, preparing lessons for a new Italian friend and submitting an article for a conference [Stop Press: it was accepted!!!!!]. Yup, been busy – which I do enjoy.

Anyway, I found some free time to go to a networking group run by a friend of mine, Julie Lightfoot, where the speaker explained how she’d self-published her books; I was inspired. On my computer I have a large file containing many poems and short stories which I tend to write and then forget about. All fired up after the meeting, I went home to have a look through the contents and realised that some could make story books for young children. At the moment they’re only available as Kindle e-books but who knows what the future might bring…?

So; here they are…..

They are written in rhyming verse and would, hopefully, appeal to children aged between 3 and 7. My friend Jhilmil kindly did me some sketches for the Sushi story, and I found a copyright-free clipart site for images to illustrate ‘When You’re Four’. It’s so exciting seeing something come to life like this, and I do hope you’ll show these to anyone you know who has children in this age-range.

When You’re Four can be found here:

Sushi Gets Her Collar can be found here:

For more about Jhilmil, an extremely talented poet and artist, her  page can be found at:, or on Twitter at @jhilmilspirit

The author who gave the talk is called Caroline James, she writes humorous romantic fiction [and, yes, I did buy one of her books for my upcoming holiday] Her website is:

And, if you’re in the Preston, Lancashire area, Julie Lightfoot runs several groups for meeting and networking. Her website can be found at:


PS…I feel a book about Pirates coming on…watch this space 🙂


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