The trouble with Aunts


I am not technically gifted, especially where TVs are concerned and I’ve been having some trouble with one of the gizmos connected to my set. Thankfully I have friends-and-relations, just like Rabbit does, who can usually sort stuff out for me. So, after almost a month of not being able to watch anything through my Now TV box, I am playing catch-up.

As I mentioned a while back, I’d been loving The Big Spell and, tonight, I finally managed to catch the last 2 episodes. One word the children had to spell was a word beginning with ANT meaning ‘a thing that existed before or logically precedes another‘, and I had my heart in my mouth wondering if they’d think the 4th letter was ‘e’ or ‘i’. Would you have known? Anticedent or Antecedent?*

Anti-Natal or Ante-natal?

Ante-Perspirant or Anti=Perspirant

Anti-room or Ante-room?

Antediluvian or Antediluvian

Antiseptic or Anteseptic

Antebacterial or Antibacterial…….

Basically, if a word means it is trying to combat or stop something then the first part [or prefix, for the grammatically minded] is anti- from the Latin and Old French words meaning against.  [It’s also from a Greek word – not many can claim joint parentage from Greek AND Latin].

Ante- that prefix comes only from Latin [awww, bless] and means ‘before’. So, an Ante-room is one where you wait before a meeting, Antediluvian means before the flood, but Antibacterial is something that fights or is against bacteria. Simples……..

Until you come across an Antelope. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


*It’s Antecedent, and ………….SPOILER ALERT…………………  they got it right 🙂


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