Riches beyond my….

Not dreams, that’s for sure, but unexpected money is always nice. Today I received the princely sum of 19p from Amazon for Kindle royalties. I have 2 short books of my poems, which I’d almost forgotten about, published on Kindle, so this must mean that somebody, somewhere, found and bought a copy! Whoever you are, thank you and I hope you enjoy it. I can now say I have earned money from my books; the thought of having royalties is heady indeed.

Should you be remotely interested, this should be the link.  You won’t be surprised to realise I know even less about formatting on Kindle than I do about blogging.
Remind me, how many paintings did van Gogh sell during his lifetime? Mock ye not!


Just a quick rant :(

OK, apostrophes… Save us from banana’s, asparagu’s even Christma’s [ok, I made that one up but I bet it’s out there somewhere.] ’nuff said.

One more thing – I’m still waiting for comments/suggestions/ideas as to what to call this blog. Do I get some sort of notification in my email if anybody comments? Has anybody yet written ‘WordPress for Dummies’? If so, please send me a copy. If not, please get it written NOW.



Pensive Moment

I’m not totally sure where this came from. Maybe it’s the dying of the year which turns my thoughts to the brevity of life. Perhaps it’s the countless deaths of people who have left us in 2016 – public and personal grief seems to have been all around this year. Whatever the reason, these words happened.

Did nobody warn you I wasn’t immortal?

One day I may fall prey to life’s harsh regime.

No, nobody warned me you were only human

That one day you’d slip into eternal dream

So now, ask me questions, and tell me your deepest

Fears and desires so that we might share

All of the words that will one day fall silent

The day you might waken to find I’m not there.

Untitled post about the site title

Hmmm. So, WordPress, we’re definitely off to a shaky start.  You want a Site Title, but won’t let me enter one……..the gloves are hereby well and truly off.

One thing I have learnt about myself is that I hate giving in without a humdinger of a fight [do NOT get me going on my battle to renew my bus pass*]. So, I declare before the company of viewers heretofore assembled [did that sound assertive and official enough, do you think?] that I will, one fine day, give this site a title.

For the moment, though, I thought I would open this titling business up to suggestions…….go on, folk, do your worst. The winner will be rewarded by having a suitable poem written in their [dis]honour.

In the meantime, here’s a little ode to Ikea, just because.

Oh Swedish goddess of design

Let me enter thy portals, I am thine.

Thy strange green plastic shapes – I crave.

About thy flat-packed wares, I rave.

I bought a Kornik and a Borp,

A Kvestur and a Torrigtorp.

I packed them happily in the car

[but haven’t the faintest what they are].

Once home, I gloat with utmost bliss, but…

Ah. There’s something quite amiss.

Oh Swedish goddess of cruelty

You forgot to include an Allen key.


Oooh, so I’ve finally got round to starting a blog. This is intended to be somewhere I can share the weird and wonderful things I’ve discovered about words, post the occasional poem or just rant about apostrophe abominations I notice. At first, however, it is most likely to be a blog about my trials and errors with….setting up a blog.

So, I thought I’d start with a little poem I wrote a while back about that most romantic of topics – the semi-colon!

When I first met semi-colons;

I used them; all the time;

To decorate; and punctuate;

Each written piece; of mine.

But now I am much wiser,

And I understand the lawses;

I make them wait, to separate,

A couple of main clauses.


Well, there you go – all I have to do now is figure out how to publish this and then see if anybody finds it. If you do happen across my humble offerings, please leave a little note – even if it’s just to say you hate it!

Thank you